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The Day We Got Griefed

You may have missed it, or you may have actually been there. Either way, this is the day we got Skeppy'd.

In order to create more exposure for our server, one of the mods GreenieGaming, donated money to Skeppy for him to come and do one of his live stream OP griefing videos on the Survival server.

Our few seconds on the video starts at around the 5 minute 30 second mark.

Share this post, share the Skeppy video, share the server. Let's get our name out there.


18 Oct 2018, 07:36 0 | 3

On 15th October 2018 at 4pm PST GreenieGaming will be doing a SUPREME RANK giveaway

This is a GLOBAL rank, across ALL servers

Features: Buffed kits, extra keys (from kits), /feed and /heal access, bigger skyblock islands and much more

Join the discord to keep up to date with the lastest on this: 

14 Oct 2018, 09:17 0 | 1




Terms & Conditions apply on all purchases:
All purchases are final and non-refundable
Chargebacks are illegal, make sure you have permission from the bill payer before purchasing anything
Any players attempting chargebacks could be permanently banned from the server

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The Nahventure Network News

Welcome To All Our New Players
We've had a few new players join us over the past few weeks so we'd like to welcome you all. From all the staff and current players, we hope you enjoy your time on the network. Don't forget to join our discord, invite your friends and have fun.
Remember: Gamers Don't Die, They Respawn!

50% Sale on
The sale is running until 14th October 2018
HALF PRICE for everything
The store can be accessed in-game by using
/store or /buy

September Crates
A few people have been asking about the September crates. I can now confirm that the final details on the contents of the crates are being finalised and everyone who has purchased one should have them soon.

Survival Server

The survival server has been up and running for nearly two weeks and everyone is starting to claim their land, set up their homes and various other things.
There are shops in the Marketplace at
/spawn or /warp marketplace.
Come and join us and set up home

VIP Rank Giveaway
On 09/29/2018, vNathan_ kindly offered to run a giveaway. He offered up VIP RANK to TWO members that were online and active during the end event
The winners of the ranks were Kisuix and _Chortles - well done!

80% Sale

Over the weekend, there was a special, limited time 80% sale on
Thank you to everyone who made a purchase
Keep an eye on our discord so you don't miss any future events like this one

Server Issues Fixed
With the survival server being a 1.13.1 based game, some people were experiencing issues when trying to play Skyblock and Prisons using the same version
These were mainly "Kicked for spamming" issues when trying to warp between different areas of the game
This has now been fixed
Anyone still experiencing these issues, or any other issues, please log them on our discord under #bugs-reports-help



02 Oct 2018, 11:40 0 | 2

Hey All

SURVIVAL SERVER is ready for launch

Tune in to tomorrow at around 4pm CST for the official opening

Minecraft survival mode with additional features thrown in for your enjoyment
(You'll have to join us to see what features we have in store for you)

Look forward to seeing you there

To keep an eye on the time, check out this countdown timer:

21 Sep 2018, 22:44 0 | 3